Sunday, August 26, 2012


D-Smith Vs. Substance build off cancelled. I decided to attempt quite a bit of scratch building on mine which is probably gonna go past the slotted time frame. other things came up for Substance as well. He was offered some commissions that were pretty tough to turn down.

I will continue working on my MK.II and will update you guys when i have something worth showing/ when i find my camera charger LOL



Saturday, August 4, 2012

D-Smith Vs. Substance Models

Well for some time now mechalounge regular Substance and I have been planning to do a Perfect Grade build off. We have had a stuff to finish up and we are finally getting around to it. I started working on the Perfect Grade RX-178 MK.II last night and completed snap fitting the  right leg. I knew  PG's were gonna be far supperior to Master Grades but to say i was blown away by how intricate and just intersting the build was would be an understatement. It was anything and everything i expected and then some. I have some pictures for you guys but nothing super exciting since no mod work or paint has been done but still some eye candy.

Speaking of mod work. i am still trying to brainstorm something but i originally just wanted to light this sucker up, but i have been stumped in my quest to add LED's to the leg vents. The leg vents actually slide in and out making it impossible if i want to keep that feature of the kit. If i decided i didn't want to keep that feature it would still be difficult due to the construction its self. I should have taken pictures of what it looks like but it doesn't seem practical, but maybe i just need to come back to it later and see if that opens my mind up a little more.

On yet another note i am still trying to decide on my color scheme. I initially was gonna do somewhat of an Amuro/Nu Gundam rip off using his unicorn and Amuro logos with a black/white/yellow scheme. Now i am kinda starting to think i might do something similar to the MK.III  but with more varying shades of grey

So let me know what you guys think and any ideas or advice is always welcome. here is some pictures like i said so enjoy even though they are pretty bad pictures lol  :)